Hi and welcome to the Outeniqua Shooting Club 2017 League – Rumble in the Jungle. (7 October 2017)

We look forward to having you shoot with us and can promise this will be a shoot you don’t want to miss.


This page will give you all the details you need to register for the shoot and it also has value add information to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, see below.

If you have a family, please be encouraged to bring them. The Garden Route is one of SA’s premier holiday destinations, the area is filled with great opportunities for family fun. We have specifically set the date of the shoot to coincide with school holidays.

We have included a ‘Local Knowledge’ list below for things and places we love and endorse.

Registration Process:
1. You click the link just below this list.
2. Follow the onscreen instructions.
3. You will then be redirected to Practiscore to register and squad.
4. You will receive an email with all the information you will need to make payment + shoot details.
5. Simple.
Start Here->

Here is a link to TripAdvisor which has tons of great accommodation reviews.
If you are looking for well priced accommodation (globally) then AirBnB is the way to go:

Local Knowledge :

Best coffee in George:
1. Caloroso_Cafe-George
2. Root_Coffee_Roasters
3. Beans_about_coffee
4. HeBrews777

Best baked produce:
1. La_Patisserie

Great places to eat/drink in George:
Cocktail bar: This place would fit perfectly in Upper-East side Manhattan, it’s a high-end experience:
Juus cocktails

Cafe style: Nina_s_Cafe

Meat: The_Grumpy_Griller


Italian: Imonelli-George


Fish and all sorts: New Owners and excellent: King_Fisher-George

Fine Dining (ala-George): 101_Meade_Street_Restaurant



Different, Turkish experience: Cafe_Serefe-George

Mexican and good drinking spot: Cactus

Superb pizza etc: Pomodoro Restaurant Wilderness

Great places to eat/drink in Wilderness:

We can’t fault this list from TripAdvisor:
Restaurants Wilderness

Can really recommend Serendipity and The Girls as two incredibly good restaurants. Serendipity is a special occasion kind of venue.

Ranking of activities in George:

Ranking of activities in the Garden Route.
Attractions Activities

Excellent butchery:
Van Rensburgs Foods