Step 1

Fill in the pertinent Sport Shooting Affiliation forms below and email to the relevant affiliation.
Join OnTarget shooting range with your chosen package.

SADPA Forms:

For new SADPA memberships: New Member app
For SADPA members that need to update their details with SADPA: Renewal membership app

SAPSA Forms:

For SAPSA applications: Boland Practical Shooting Association Affiliation Form

Step 2

Fill in the online OSC application form and do payment to OSC. Please make sure you have your affiliated membership number at hand.

Step 3

OSC Fees:

January – R 700 payable to OSC**
Club fees cover monthly competition fees, equipment, targets, patches etc. for 12 monthly shoots, as well as minimal additional operating expenses such as annual club affiliation fees (which OSC pays to SADPA), bank charges, website hosting etc. OSC will not be charging a competition fee per shoot. Please note that this does not cover membership or range/day fees to On Target.
**(Please do not deposit cash, our banking fee structure currently charges us a fortune on cash deposit fees. We are looking into different options, but in the interim, if cash is your only option, please get in contact with us directly via or phone, rather than depositing into the OSC account.).

Banking details:

Branch: 25065500
Acc No: 62616186385
Sadpa number and name as reference



See you on the range.