OSC Membership

All members will pay a club shoot fee for every shoot attended. We have the following options available.

MPDS Affiliated

For this type of membership, you need to be a fully paid member of MPDS and On Target Shooting Range. If you intend to maintain your DSS(Dedicates Sports Shooter) status you will have to remain a MPDS member. If you want to compete in League, National or Africa championship matches you will also need to be a MPDS member.

Shoot fee of R100 per club shoot.

Non-MPDS Shooter

People who are interested can join us for a club shoot after an intro to the sport and some safety and rules training. (New Shooter Orientation – NSO) Please contact us at admin@outeniquashootingclub.co.za if you want to join us for a club shoot.

Step 1

If you intend to get DSS(dedicates Sports Shooter) status you will need to join MPDS.

Use this link https://shootingmpds.co.za/

A person who has already been a member of MPDS need to login to MPDS https://shootingmpds.co.za/ and renew your membership. You will be able to pay online using your debit/credit card.

Step 2

Fill in the online OSC application form. Please make sure you have your affiliated membership number at hand.

OSC Fees:

We do not charge a annual fee to be part of OSC. You rather pay per club shoot you wish to attend.
The shoot fees will be based on a fair use policy. Pay for every club shoot you attend. Members pay R100 per shoot. See you at the range.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us admin@outeniquashootingclub.co.za